senior photos in western Pa at robin Hill park

I loved Maison's senior session. She had such a strong vision + I was more thank happy to go there! When she said she wanted a water shot, I was ALL IN! I'm not going to lie though, these shots in the turquoise halter and floral printed maxi are giving me major Free People vibes, am I right?!?!

unique senior photos in western pa, HOLLOW OAK LAND TRUST

If you can't tell, my passion in my photography business is working with Senior clients. I love all the excitement + energy these sessions bring. I love collaborating with these clients to make their vision come to life. In these strange times, you will always hear me saying this is one of the fun senior year experiences that won't have taken away, so let's do it BIG! If we can make their vision come true, I am all in!

While I work to make these senior sessions uniquely you, there are definitely specific shots you need to walk away with from you photo shoot. The one that probably comes to mind at first is the headshot. It is the staple of the senior session. I always take a variety of headshot images, be it different locations, outfits, backgrounds etc. I work with you and your school to ensure the headshot is to their standards and within their guidance. This is a major benefit of hiring a professional with that knowledge and background. I t helps alleviate any anxiety about capturing your images that will be in your yearbook, memorized for years to come!

There are also a variety of other shots I always capture within the session, for example, full body shots. I always love when I catch them in a moment really feeling the session. You can see it beam on their faces. In Maison's case, it definitely came when we were in the water. She was herself, unleashed. Even her grandmother commented how connected these shots were to her inner self. I found that to be an amazing testament, coming from someone who has known and cherished her for her entire life.

If you are ready to have a senior experience that is uniquely you, hit that Book Now button + get on my calendar. Fall spots are limited, so reach out today so we can create some magic + adventure to your Senior experience.


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