family photography in moon twp

I am so honored to have had the privilege to meet up with Jenn and her adorable family to capture their photos. Like so many people, we had planned to get some updated photos of the girls, however, corona virus had other plans. While covid delayed our photo session, it did not stop us from capturing these moments and we were able to meet when it was safe.

I was really excited for this session for a couple of reasons. The Cylenica family was one of the first we met when we started at our day care a few years ago. They were always so kind and helpful. Their oldest Mackenzie and my son Roman were often in the same class. Now that they are both in school full time, they are still friends and I am glad they are able to have a friendly, familiar face in the halls. I often volunteer at school, so I see Mackenzie too! We had talked about how excited she was for the photos, which quite honestly, is the most adorable thing to see and hear. I love when clients match my excitement level for a shoot!

The session was also a special occasion because the twins had an upcoming 3rd birthday. These two peanuts were so adorable + totally tugged at my heart strings. I love how much they opened up throughout the session. I really got to know their personalities and learn that Alexis is the serious one while Kennedy is more of the joker. I'm so glad that we caught this monumental milestone birthday on film + that they will be able to add these photos to family albums to enjoy for years to come.

We met at Robin Hill Park in Moon Twp. If you have not been here, I highly suggest exploring the park. It is beautifully landscaped and has something for everybody, from trails, a Fleur de Lune garden, and a beautiful gazebo. It made the perfect background to capture this beautiful family. Check out their photos and video of their session below.

I am so glad that despite the craziness in the world, we captured this moment of love and compassion for this sweet family to cherish for years to come. Going through a time like this shows how important family is as well as how important it is to document these memories. Contact me today to schedule your family memories.