outdoor generation family photos in western pa

When one of your best friends asks you to come capture a generational family session while her parents are in from out of town, you do everything to make it happen. Courtney reached out while we were taking a siesta at the beach, but we found the perfect time to honor her family with this generation session. There is a lot that goes into planning a family session, especially with 2 children 2 and under. Location, nap schedule, feeding times are all taking into consideration. When Courtney also shared with me her mom was having some hip trouble, which was causing a great deal of pain when walking or even standing, we made it work! I threw my couch in my car + I was off to celebrate this family being reunited for the first time since corona virus.

Being born and raised in Indiana state, Grant + Courtney do not have the luxury of seeing close friends + family as often as some of use raised in Western PA. Because of covid, travel back to Indiana was obviously limited. You could see how much Courtney's mom's soul yearned for these moment with her only grandchildren. We lamented over the time they lost during covid, but also discussed the blessing of technology. Having the ability to Face time during the pandemic. To be able to connect virtually, even though they could not physically. I am beyond honored to have celebrated their reunion.

I know for me personally, these generation sessions tug at my heart. When we traveled to Florida this winter to visit my family, we had an amazing generational shoot with my parents, aunt, uncle, cousin + all the kiddos. I think going through something like covid really shines a light on how important these moments are. This is why I am so passionate about my career. I can give clients this gift of time with their loved ones. Captured memories that can be revisited, travel back in time to, simply by looking at their photos. Let's schedule your generational shoot today. I guarantee, it will be a regenration only if you do not take the photo.


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